Man accused of fatally stabbing pit bull at Auburn dog park

AUBURN, Wash. -- An Auburn woman claims a man ruthlessly stabbed her dog to death at a local dog park.

The man claims he was defending himself and his pet from a dangerous pit bull, and police are still investigating the violent encounter.

The off-leash pet area at Roegner Park is popular, but it wasn't crowded on Monday afternoon when the stabbing occurred. The two pet owners started off cordially with one man asking Malia Moniz if their dogs could play together.

A few minutes later, one of the dogs was dead after the man pulled out a knife and stabbed it.

"When he stood up we seen the knife and we were like, wait, what?" Moniz said.

By the time she realized what was happening, Moniz said her 8-month old pit bull, Cain, was bloody and barely moving. The man who killed the dog said the pit bull attacked his smaller English bulldog.

Auburn police say the dogs were playing nicely together at first, but then Cain started nipping at the bulldog and the owner tried to pick his dog up to protect it.

"At that point, the pit bull grabbed his dog by the neck and pulled him out of his arms. And that's when the owner jumped on top and tried to pull him off and then pulled his knife out and stabbed the dog," said Capt. Mike Hirman with the Auburn Police Department.

Moniz admits Cain weighed 70 pounds and liked to play rough, but she said he never got overly aggressive. She also claims the bulldog approached after she pulled Cain away and the other owner put his dog back on the ground.

"If you felt that your dog was in danger or you were in danger, you had everything. You should have just walked away," she said.

The owner of the bulldog told police he feared for the safety of his dog and himself. Officers say he was emotionally distraught after the attack and claims he did not intend to kill the pit bull.

Moniz isn't convinced.

"He still hasn't reached out to us, you know I mean? We're the ones grieving. We're the ones that lost something," she said.