Longtime Seahawks fan, 93, gets wish to attend her first game

TACOMA, Wash. -- A retirement community in Tacoma is making a wish come true for one of its residents who considers herself the number one Seahawks fan.

Elta Lewis, 93, is going to CenturyLink Field on Sunday to watch her very first Seahawks game.

"I was speechless. I didn't even think about that," said Lewis, who usually watches the games in her room at the Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community.

"It was so exciting," said staff member Denise Cooksey, who is accompanying Lewis to the game. "She's so well loved by the employees who work here."

Elta's love for the Seahawks started many years ago - her late husband, Mark, was a fan.

"He started watching his Seahawks every (weekend) because his darn Seahawks games were on - and they'd lose," she said. "I said, 'Why do you watch them? They always lose.' He said 'Well, they have to win sometime'."

It's now been 14 years since Elta's husband died, and she's still as dedicated to the team - she wears a Seahawks lanyard every day and throughout her room there are Seahawks signs and photos of her favorite players.

"I like (Marshawn) Lynch and I like the quarterback (Russell Wilson) because he's a good man," said Lewis.

Elta's trip to CenturyLink Field on Sunday will be her first time at the stadium - an area she has not visited since her childhood.

"I went to all the games in high school and they used the field that the Mariners use now. That's all I knew," she said.

Now, she's returning to fulfill a dream and she's pretty confident her favorite team will get a "W."

"They've proven themselves. They aren't just a fly-by-night. They've proven what they can do," said Lewis.

Tacoma Lutheran is granting Lewis's wish through its "Dream Team," a program that organizes wishes for residents.