Local woman turning kitchen appliances into works of art

SNOHOMISH, Wash. -- Countertop appliances can be eyesores and add clutter a kitchen, but not after one Snohomish artist gets her hands on them.

Nicole Dinardo's customized kitchenAid mixers are the toast of celebrities and celebrity chefs, and she counts Ryan Seacrest and Katy Perry as customers.

"I just did one for Rachel Ray. I did one for Guy Fieri," Dinardo said.

The themes she dreams up in Snohomish are a hit in Hollywood swag bags and for customers willing to fork over $400 to $1,400 on top of the mixer cost.

Dinardo spent $300 just on the bling for a blender heading to Beyonce's house.

"It was all 23 carat gold," she said.

Not bad for a tenacious gal who showed up at a local studio wanting an apprenticeship from airbrush artist Mile Lavallee, whose work coats hot rods and helicopters around the world.

"I came to Killer Paint Studio, and it took me 6 months of practicing at home before he'd even meet with me," Dinardo said.

When they finally did meet, they fell for each other. At the same time, Dinardo's designs began to take off.

"Oprah's office called me when she got hers and that was pretty rad," Dinardo said. "That was really cool. I don't think it gets any cooler than that."

Dinardo isn't the only one in the house turning appliances into art.

"I also do these custom vintage refrigerators," Lavallee said. "I don't take a refrigerator and just paint it blue, this one here is the geisha fridge."

Home theater owners are hot for Lavallee's ice box art, honoring movies such as "Avatar," "Hellboy" and "Pirates of the Caribbean."

And then there's the Pink Floyd fan's fridge.

"When you open the door it actually played Floyd," Lavallee said.

Dinardo had a contract with KitchenAid, but was disappointed when she recently learned the company had launched its own limited-edition line using different artists.