Local pit bull still giving love even after brutal attack, cancer

SEATTLE -- Jewels the dog has been through a lot in her life, but her owners say the {A href=""}horrible cruelty she's experienced hasn't made her lose trust in people.

It was nearly 3-years ago that Jewels' then-owner, an Auburn man named Stormy Gage, tried to kill her. Gage tried to crush the pit bull's skull with a rock before slitting her throat and leaving her for dead.

Jewels somehow survived the brutal attack, and a short time later she was adopted by Sam and Regina Stipa, who saw the story on KOMO and felt compelled to help.

"When I saw it on KOMO, I paused it and I showed him the story because I was just flabbergasted at how humans can take advantage of an animal," Regina said.

Jewels has never shown a sign of the abuse. She has no fear and no aggression, according to Regina.

As if her experience with Gage wasn't bad enough, shortly after she was adopted, Sam and Regina discovered Jewels had cancer. Vets had to amputate one of her legs and they gave her 6 months to live.

That was more than 2-years ago, and Jewels is still going strong. At 12-years old, she's starting to slow down, but she's still offering her love to everyone she sees.

"It was just hard to understand, knowing her now, after almost 3 years, how anyone could even think about doing what they did to her," Sam Stipa said.

Sam and Regina run an adult care home, where Jewels is everybody's friend. The dog who has been through so much pain knows a thing or two about human cruelty, but she also knows about trust and kindness.

Sam and Regina say Jewels is putting on a little weight because everyone spoils her with treats.