Local business owner to repair vandalized Snohomish cemetery

SNOHOMISH, Wash. -- Looters caused thousands of dollars of damage at a century-old Snohomish cemetery this summer, and now an Everett business owner is reaching out to help.

"It saddened my heart, first of all. But then I thought, we are a local company and we want to help one of these local cemeteries," said Chris Green, who owns Pacific Coast Memorials in Everett.

There's approximately 225 people buried at the century old Marshland Cemetery, and more than 25 gravesites sustained damage from vandalism.

"Those are family members of people who are up there, and it shows lack of respect," said Judy Hanenburg, who has lived across the road from the cemetery for 39 years.

Green is a certified fourth generation memorialist who contacted the Problem Solver's after learning about the cemetery vandalism. He and his team plan to repair the damaged gravesites on Friday.

"We have a good opportunity to actually do the work and help them out," Green said.

That's great news for Colleen Wall. Five generations of her family are buried at the cemetery, including her husband, who died in 2012.

"Oh, I just can't image it," said Wall, who also lives across from the cemetery on Seattle Hill Road. "It would be wonderful."

Damages at the cemetery total more than $4,000. The Snohomish County Sherriff's Office says they have no leads on who is responsible.