Lawsuit: School discriminated against lesbian ball player

MUKILTEO, Wash. - Discriminated against because she's gay - that's what one student says happened to her at a local high school.

And now she's suing - after she says it impacted her chances of playing a sport she loved.

It all centers around what reportedly happened on a Kamiak High School backetball team - and the alleged treatment of the student by two of the coaches.

The lawsuit was filed this week, but the alleged discrimination started 4 1/2 years ago.

One student, Keelie Shay, says she was a starter on the girls' junior varsity basketball team - but that all changed after she told her coaches she's a lesbian in a relationship with a fellow teammate.

Shay says coaches reduced her playing time, removed her from being a starter - and even told her she couldn't join in the off-season practice.

Shay alleges it go so bad that she "had no alternative but to flee the discrimination and transfer to another school," according to the suit.

The Mukilteo School District declined to say anything about the issue, citing pending litigation. Shay's attorney also didn't return calls for comment,
and our attempts to reach Shay were unsuccessful.

Shay ended up transferring schools her senior year and playing basketball there, according to the suit.

The lawsuit does seek damages but doesn't specify how much.