Lawsuit: Bride says boutique sold her torn, used dress for $2,000

REDMOND, Wash. - A local bridal boutique now faces a lawsuit from a bride who claims an ill-fitting, used wedding dress nearly ruined her wedding.

Snohomish County resident Nicole Trombley sued Amanda's Bridal Boutique, claiming the dress dealer attempted to pass off a used wedding gown last August after she paid more than $2,000 for a new dress.

According to the lawsuit, Trombley opened the dress bag a week before her wedding to find a gown with "stains, rips, frays" and parts missing. It was used, not new, and the designer later confirmed Amanda's Bridal had not purchased any dresses from them in the prior year.

Concerned she would not be ready for her wedding, Trombley went to Amanda's and demanded a refund. According to the lawsuit, the boutique agreed to refund her money and allow her to take any dress in the shop for free.

An attorney for the bride contends she has yet to receive that refund. She did get a new dress, which her mother spent days altering as the wedding neared.

Writing the court, attorney Christopher Brester argued Trombley was forced to reconstruct much of her wedding ensemble to match the new dress.

"The color of the dress changed so (Trombley) had to purchase new accessories including a bracelet, fabric for her white hair flowers, and earrings," Brester told the court. The attorney went on to note that Trombley's groom was forced to buy a new shirt to match her dress.

Through her attorney, Trombley contends Amanda's Bridal should pay for her "injuries, humiliation and emotional distress."

Amanda's Bridal did not return requests for comment. The boutique has not yet responded in court to the lawsuit, which was filed earlier this month in King County Superior Court.