Lakewood police kill man after he refuses to drop gun

LAKEWOOD, Wash. - Police shot and killed a wanted man in a confrontation Tuesday night at a duplex in the Tillicum area, officials said.

Lakewood police Lt. Jeff Alwine says officers went to a duplex looking for a man wanted on an arrest warrant accusing him of felony theft.

Alwine says two officers saw the 28-year-old Lakewood man through a broken window holding a gun. He refused commands to drop the gun and come out.

Alwine says the man did something threatening that caused the officers to feel they were in danger, so they opened fire. He died at the scene.

Deanna Stine, who lives at the home and identified herself as the suspect's mother, said the arrest warrant was for theft of a generator.

"They were all up and down Union Avenue, had the dogs out looking for him. And then the next thing I got a call that there was five shots fired, and he was dead," she said. "They won't give me any information. They wont let me see him - nothing. ... Over a generator, they shot and killed him."

Stine says her son has a criminal record, but he had been trying to do better.

"He's been in trouble for a long time, he's been in prison - but he's been doing good," she said. "He just did a dumb thing."