Ladies, take note: These may be the 20 places to meet you dream man

Bars are traditionally considered to be the number one spot for matchmaking, but the fact is, there's just not that much information you can glean from a potential mate based on what kind of drink they order. So what's a single lady to do? Instead of turning to the tumultuous and overwhelming world of online dating, you may want to check out The Stir's list of 20 places to meet your dream man.

According to the site, the best places to meet someone special are spots that indicate the two of you will share some common ground. Places like the dog park, wine tastings, specialty food stores, and the driving range not only lend themselves to easy socialization -- they also automatically give you something to talk about. There are also locales which give you key insider information, like what his other interests are. Museums, book stores, and home repair stores like the Home Depot can help you gather intelligence about what he finds important, and what his personal life is like.

A few of the items on the list are a little bit less universal, however; Comic-Con is a great pick if you're a geek for Joss Whedon, but if you've never even heard of Geordi La Forge, you may want to skip it. And some just seem like a bad idea -- hookah bars, for example, definitely aren't for everyone.

Check out the rest of the list and see what you think.