Lack of green may cancel July 4 fireworks over Lake Union

SEATTLE - The big Fourth of July show over Lake Union may not happen this year unless producers can come up with a half-million dollars - and fast.

Organizers are hoping the show's big crowds will be all it takes to save the Fourth festivities.

A half-a-million people take in the show over Lake Union every July 4th - and along with the show in the sky, the party on the ground.

"I didn't know there was going to be so many vendors," says Felesha Anderson. "It's not a carnival, but like an outdoor party. There's so many people, and I feel like I connected with a lot of Seattle."

But before we see the reds, blues and golds - Seattle's Family Fourth needs some green.

"Half a million dollars is what we're trying to raise and we're not their yet," says Aubrey Bergauer of Seattle's One Reel, which produces the nonprofit event.

In the past the group has put the show together, then asked for donations. This year is different.

"What I think is a fiscally responsible decision is to say, first we raise the money, and then we'll produce the event," says Bergauer.

They must have the money by March 31, but so far...

"We're at about $50,000, so we have quite a ways to go," says Bergauer.

The money is needed for fun things like the fireworks themselves and behind-the-scenes necessities like police and firefighters.

While half-a-million dollars in less than 10 days seems like a massive goal, One Reel says those taking in the show could make it easy.

"If everybody gave one dollar, that's all it takes to produce this event," says Bergauer.

And keep the rockets' red glare blazing over Lake Union.


If you would like to support the Seattle Family Fourth at Lake Union, visit their fund-raising website here >>