Knife-wielding home invasion robbers target Lacey family

LACEY, Wash. -- A Lacey woman recently survived a terrifying ordeal when robbers came into her house, held a knife to her throat and demanded money.

Woodlawn Cemetery isn't a likely place for a home invasion robbery, but the woman who lives on the grounds with her husband and small child said that's exactly what happened.

The woman, named Lupe, and her husband Javier are groundskeepers at the cemetery. Lupe said two young men wearing masks barged into the house and put a knife to her throat as she held her young child.

"I saw them entering the house," Lupe said through a translator. "One was saying, 'Give me the money.' I said I didn't have any money."

Lupe was alone with her 13-month-old child in her bedroom when the masked men showed up.

"They put a knife to my head. I was afraid. They were going after money. They wanted money. I was afraid," she said.

The robbers found $250 and left. Lupe said they met up with a third person outside.

Her husband was working at the nearby mortuary and didn't know anything had happened until he got a frantic phone call from Lupe.

"I opened the door and she was on the floor crying, scared, crying," Javier said.

Lupe and their young son weren't harmed, but Javier worries about the emotional scars his family will be left with.

"He's really a small boy," Javier said of his son. "He's thinking, you know we're thinking every day? He's thinking of his face every day. He was crying he don't want to stay home."

Lacey police tried tracking the robbers with a K9 unit, but the men were gone.

"Brazen in the sense of it's somebody's home, and opening up the door and going into a home where you don't belong could be qualified, yes, as rather brazen," said Lt. Phil Comstock with the Lacey Police Department.

As for Lupe, she's very much still shaken by the crime.

"I don't know who they are," she said. "I don't know what it was all about."

The robbers were wearing hooded sweatshirts and ski masks, and Lupe thinks they were teenagers. Javier said there's a high school just a few blocks away, but he has no idea who the robbers might be.