Kent woman wins $1M settlement after horrifying shuttle ride

KENT, Wash. -- The elderly often rely on medical shuttles, but one Kent woman who's confined to a wheelchair nearly died after her horrifying shuttle ride, and now the company is being forced to pay up.

Labeeba Alim once loved dancing to jazz, but now she's bedridden. The 81-year old has had health problems for years, but a trip to the doctor in a medical shuttle made matters much worse.

Alim was injured when the shuttle driver pushed her out of the back door before the wheelchair lift had been opened. She slammed on the ground and an employee fell on top of her.

"Since the accident she's been on a feeding tube," said caregiver Denise Deese.

Alim suffered bleeding inside her skull and part of it had to be removed to reduce swelling. Relatives feared she wouldn't survive.

"Simply forgetting to put the wheel chair ramp up when that is your job, day in and day out, is something I believe is inexcusable," said Alim's attorney, Chris Davis.

Davis sued Northwest Transport and recently won a $1 million settlement for Alim.

Her caregiver said Alim gets sad when she thinks about the accident that changed her life.

"She will say stuff like, 'Why did they drop me? Why did it happen to me, like they didn't care?'" Deese said.

As part of the settlement, Northwest Transport formally admitted what they did was wrong.