Kent activates school zone cameras

KENT, Wash - Traffic cameras near Neely O'Brien and Sunrise elementary schools in Kent are mailing tickets to drivers who speed during school crossing hours.

City leaders decided to install the cameras near the two elementary schools in Kent after a study revealed they are the most dangerous for students who walk to and from the schools.

"When the speed limit was 20 miles-per-hour, we had a car at least a few cars going over 50 miles-per-hour and one 58," said Chief Ken Thomas of the Kent Police Department.

Fines start at $124 if you're just going 10 over the speed limit, but get caught speeding 31 miles-per-hour or more and that doubles to $248.

Parents like Liz Cross say they support the fines: "It's ridiculous, so we're happy. We're glad that it will slow them down."

City installed the cameras in November to give drivers a warm-up period.