Ken Schram: Sensitivity training would be a waste

An apology is certainly in order.

Sensitivity training?

Most likely a waste of time and money.

I'm talking about a Port Angeles mom whose 8th grade daughter was subjected by one of her teachers to some controversial politicking in the classroom.

The mom is in a same-sex relationship and the daughter felt intimidated by one of her teachers wearing a button during class that read "No on 74: One Man + One Woman = Marriage."

The mom is asking for an apology, sensitivity training for teachers and a specific district policy that prohibits politicking by teachers.

District officials say they already have such a policy, though obviously ignored in this case.

The district also says it has addressed the matter with the teacher, but offers no specifics.

I think the student deserves an apology - in front of the class.

I also think she should probably be transferred to another classroom to avoid the possibility of retaliation by the teacher.

As for the sensitivity training, I believe it would be nothing more than a meaningless, politically correct gesture that would cost the district money that it doesn't have.

It's sad that an 8th grade student had to endure an offensive and embarrassing moment, but take the apology and move on.


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