Ken Schram: Maybe it's magic?

I'm perplexed.

How do you turn Everett's Paine Field into a commercial airport without making the area a lot more noisier and without a lot more traffic congestion?

Three years and $600,000 later, the Federal Aviation Administration has concluded just that.

Maybe it's magic?

The FAA is green-lighting the Paine Field switch after determining that commercial flights would not 'significantly' make noise, traffic or air quality any worse.

Of course it wouldn't.

Horizon Air had been interested in running 140 flights a week out of Paine Field but is now content to just stay with Sea-Tac.

Allegiant air is still interested and is looking at starting with about 20 flights a week out of the Everett airport.

Eventually, other carriers might have to consider using Paine Field as a way of staying competitive.

Like I said, I'm perplexed.

It defies logic to believe that turning Paine Field into a commercial airport would not result in a lot more noise and a lot more traffic congestion.

Quite frankly, i think the FAA is full of bull.


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