Ken Schram: Let there be poker online

SEATTLE -- April 15th, 2011.

It wasn't just tax day. It was the day gamblers call black Friday.

The federal government pulled the plug on Internet poker, and Texas Hold 'Em disappeared from computers in the United States.

Several years before that, Washington State had decreed that online poker players would face criminal penalties.

Wanna bet on how much longer before the law of the land changes?

Congress is poised to cash in on the Internet cash bonanza, the only question is who is going to regulate it.

Even tribal governments around the country - once adamantly opposed to the expansion of Internet gambling - have come to the reality that it is inevitable.

They want in.

There are those who argue that online gambling will feed the addictive nature of some who should be protected from such temptation.

To me, that's like saying we should pull liquor off the shelves to protect the alcoholic.

It's not government's job to morally protect us from ourselves.

But it keeps trying and it keeps failing.

Look, if I want to play penny poker on my computer, it's not the role of government to tell me I can't.

Time to correct the mistake of trying.

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