Ken Schram: J.P. Patches will live on

The face paint was never meant to conceal. It was to let everyone see who he really was.

J.P. Patches' place in the world is marked by the legions of kids who found life lessons mixed in with zany comedy and gentle guidance.

J.P..'s alter ego was one Chris Wedes. Chris passed away over the weekend.

At 84 years of age, death still came too soon for a man that was forever young at heart.

The J.P. Patches show hit Seattle television back in 1958. I have never - literally never - met someone born and raised here during the time that program was on the air who was not a "Patches Pal."

Kids of all ages adored J.P. Patches.

And as those kids grew and had their own kids, the love was shared from generation to generation.

There was always something very real about J.P.; something that kids and their parents found reassuring and funny and worthwhile.

For more than 50 years, the "mayor of the city dump" gave people reason to laugh and reason to believe.

Chris Wedes fought a form of blood cancer these past several years. Sunday, surrounded by his family, he passed.


I'm pretty sure he'll live on.

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