Ken Schram: It's football, not a tea party

After fining Seahawk wide receiver Golden Tate $21,000 for his block on a Dallas linebacker last Sunday, I think there are some new rules that the NFL should consider.

For example, if a player wants to tackle or block a player from an opposing team he should first have to provide a verbal warning.

Something along the lines of "Here I come" or "I'm gonna get ya."

That would allow the other player to be ready for the block or tackle, or simply decide to drop to the ground and curl up in a fetal position to avoid the hit altogether.

Another consideration: Bubble wrap and those Styrofoam peanut thingies.

Why aren't those part of every football uniform?

Make a one-piece body suit of those shock absorbent particles and wear them underneath the jersey.

That'd help the guys from getting hurt, plus it would be cool to hear the pop-pop-pop-pop sounds with every play.

Look, I know the NFL is concerned about head injuries in this very physical sport and I support the idea of refining the game to avoid concussions.

But when you take a clean hit and slap a $21,000 fine on the player because incidental contact left a little bruise on the other player's chin, well then you're not just protecting players, you're killing the game.

And while I'm on the topic of football, those substitute refs really suck.


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