Ken Schram: Isaac not the only storm threatening GOP convention

SEATTLE -- Isaac isn't the only storm that's threatening to play havoc with the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida.

This week's national GOP get-together is touted as Mitt Romney's big kick off into the fall campaign.

Factions within the party may dilute that anticipated celebratory boost.

Religious conservatives are already lining up for events featuring Michele Bachman and Rick Santorum.

Ron Paul loyalists are contentiously rallying behind him and threaten a delegate fight of one sort or another.

Match that up with polls showing Republicans are more motivated by a desire to kick President Obama to the curb than they are by any sort of genuine enthusiasm for their own presidential nominee.

And then there's the issue that won't go away: Todd Akin's incendiary remarks about "legitimate rape" and abortion.

Romney strategists have tried ever-so-hard to keep the political crosshairs on the economy and health care, but have had only little success with that strategy.

So, with dissension and rancor still playing out within the party, it's no wonder that heavy winds and drenching rains may be the least of the storms threatening the convention this week.

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