Ken Schram: I hope someone learns from these child shootings

The jury couldn't reach a verdict.

Derek Carlile was charged with manslaughter in the accidental shooting death of his 7-year old daughter.

The Marysville police officer had left a loaded handgun in the family vehicle.

His 3-year-old son picked it up and fired one shot that killed his sister.

Around the same time, another little girl almost died from a gunshot fired from a handgun that was in her classmates backpack.

There were lots of guns laying around his house and he'd just picked one up and took it to his elementary school.

Then there was the tragedy of the little boy who accidently shot and killed himself because his mom and her boyfriend left an unsecured gun in their car.

Charges against the adults in those cases were also filed.

I've long believed that irresponsible gun owners should face legal consequences when their stupidity results in a tragedy.

I supported charges being filed against all the adults in the cases that I've noted.

Derek Carlile had his day in court.

The jury could not reach a verdict.

There's no reason to believe another trial with another jury would end differently.

I think it would be cruel for the Snohomish County Prosecutor to re-file charges against this grieving father.

And I hope and pray that gun owners have learned something from all this.

Lock your weapons up when not under your control.


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