Ken Schram: Election roundup and other tidbits

Let's take a collective deep breath and celebrate the fact that the elections are over.

Sort of.

While the vast majority of the country has the end results of state wide issues and candidates, here in Washington we continue eking out results that may take us into the middle of next week.

Yes, we approved marriage equality.

And while I still disagree that the majority should be determining the rights of a minority, I am pleased and proud that people saw this issue in the right light.

It's a move forward for all families.

Yes, we approved the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

We lead, the federal government will eventually follow.

Now, let's all buy stock in Taco Bell.

Charter schools: We don't know.

Who's our next governor: We don't know.

Guesses and projections abound, but the hard count is too close and there are too many ballots left to tabulate.

I support Rob McKenna's stance of hanging tough.

My biggest disappointment? The passage of initiative 1185.

Handcuffing lawmakers from doing what they might feel is necessary is no way to run state government.

In closing, a quick departure here.

KOMO's Bryan Johnson is retiring.

We lose a journalist who never became just another TV reporter. Viewers and listeners lose a consummate professional.

I'm among the many who will miss him.


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