Ken Schram: Burdensome bureaucracy at its finest

Hard-nosed and hard hearted.

When it comes to gambling, I'll wager they've contrived the issue over kids prizes.

So if the Lynnwood mayor and his city council would step away from the "whack a mole" machine, I'd like them to come on down.

Last month Lynnwood Mayor Don Gough vetoed a proposed ordinance that would have given kids a better shot at winning prizes after playing amusement games.

Lynnwood has a decades-old ban against all forms of gambling, and Mr. Mayor thought more time was needed to decide if kids being awarded prize tickets for playing something like Skee ball would be the downfall of civilization.

The Lynnwood city council couldn't muster the fortitude, or the votes, to overturn Mr. mayor's veto.

We're not talking World Series of Poker here.

We're talking about kids going to Chuck E. Cheese and plunking some coin into a game to win a pink bunny or something.

This is burdensome bureaucracy at its finest.

I'm sure that elected Lynnwood city officials are embracing a sense of moral superiority by capping the number of redeemable tickets that kids can win playing "Whac-A-Mole."

The mayor and his cohorts should also embrace the notion that they're just plain cranky.

So they should all take a bow, because this "Schrammie" is for them.


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