Ken Schram: A lack of judgment from Seattle police

One guy called it "mutual combat."

It's a fancy term for what's basically a street fight.

Believe it or not, Seattle police say it's not illegal so long as no one watching is injured and no property is damaged.

So early Friday, Seattle cops stood around and watched as self-described superhero Phoenix Jones duked it out with a guy who had earlier been intimidating people in the U District.

He then called Jones out.

Not much mutual in the combat that ensued.

Jones basically took the guy out with a single punch as Seattle police officers sat back on their haunches and took it all in.

Officers then asked the decked guy if he wanted any medical help and when he declined, they walked away.

This is one of the dumbest damn things I've heard in a while.

The idea that Seattle police would sit back and watch some guys throw down and claim that as long as no bystanders get hurt and no property is damaged that the law is good to go with it.

Seems to me that the cops on the scene were likely amused by what was happening - a self-described, costumed superhero going mano y mano with some nut job.

I'd say SPD should take a hard look at the lack of judgment on the part of the officers on scene and reprimand them appropriately.


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