Ken Schram: A guide for voters

We're less than a month out from the general election.

We'll vote for a president, a senator and a brand new governor. We'll also select a whole host of people who want to serve in the state legislature.

And then there are the issues we have to decide on.

There's Tim Eyman's I-1185, continuing a requirement that a two-thirds vote of the legislature is necessary to raise taxes.
Thumbs down from me on that one. We cannot, in good economic conscience, keep handcuffing lawmakers in doing what is fiscally best for the state.

Initiative 502 would legalize, regulate, license and tax marijuana for recreational use. I'm good to go with this measure. Just like prohibition, this is an issue for states to begin leading the federal government toward more a more reasonable understanding and acceptance of marijuana use.

Initiative 1240 would introduce charter schools to our state. Around the country there has been both great success and dismal failure with charter schools. My bottom line: I can't support a concept that dilutes support and resources for public education.

Referendum 74. Say yes to 74 and say yes to marriage equality. I still don't agree with the majority deciding on the rights of a minority. That said, I can't see how the people of this state could say no to the right of same sex couples to marry.

All the above, less than a month away.


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