Kathi Goertzen dies after long battle with brain tumors

Our co-worker, our angel, our precious friend, Kathi Goertzen, died today, surrounded by her loving family.

The long fight against the tumors that have ravaged her brain is over. She is at peace now, comfortable and surrounded by all that is good.

Please know, as we do, that your love enveloped her. It strengthened and encouraged her.

She loved your compassion and concern more than you'll ever know. You helped her fight a valiant fight. We want to thank each and every one of you for that.

You truly made a difference in our friend's life. Kathi spoke of her own mortality with courage. She was a woman of great faith who was confident in the knowledge that her life on this earth was but one chapter in her journey. Kathi is with God now, of that we are sure.

There is no more pain and suffering. We hope you find comfort in the words she spoke when talking about this day:

"I'm not afraid to die. I have a great belief, a great faith there's more. There's more to me, there's more to this life."
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