July 4th vandals destroy Seattle park bathrooms with fireworks

SEATTLE - Police are hoping the public can help them find whomever destroyed several bathrooms at two different Seattle parks on the Fourth of July.

The vandals used high-powered fireworks to blow up the toilets.

At Madrona Park, the vandals burned a trash bin and hit the bathrooms. The damage is in the thousands of dollars.

Outside the men's and women's bathrooms at Madrona, the trash bin sits blackened and charred, the plastic lid torched and melted away.

Inside the rest rooms, the only thing left is a couple of pipes sticking out of the wall and an empty space after vandals destroyed the toilets.

Seattle Parks officals tell KOMO News that sometime on July 4th vandals shoved high-powered fireworks down the pipes in four different bathroom toliets in two different parks, Madrona and Leschi, blasting them into pieces on the ground and spattering human waste on all the the walls and floors.

"That's what happens in toilets - so it was a pretty messy affair," says Joelle Hammerstad of Seattle Parks and Recreation. "We're sure it's just somebody who dropped a cherry bomb."

She says the parks usually lock their doors every July 4th - but this year they decided to leave them open.

"Fourth of July is a heavily, heavily used park day, and we just made a policy decision we were going to keep them open," Hammerstad says. "It's horrible - I don't know why somebody would do that."

At Leschi Park the damage is so bad that the walls may have to be replaced as well as the toilets, a park worker says.

Crews have brought in portable potties for now - while, in a field just feet away, used-up fireworks dot the grass - perhaps leftovers from whomever bombed the bathrooms.

And the fallout means people like Andy Goulding don't get to enjuoy the park like they should.

"I think the parents should be accountable for that," he says.

He hopes police catch the vandals who did this. There are no suspects so far. Anyone who knows anything is asked to call police.
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