Joe's Vault: Sir Paul is back in town!

Paul McCartney and his band perform at Safeco Field tonight, July 19, a month shy of his first appearance here 49 years ago with a little British band called The Beatles.

McCartney is 71 years old and still rocking. I'll be there. I was there in 1976 at the Kingdome and there again in 1990. For today's Vault presentation, we take a look at McCartney's visit in 1990. Paul and his wife, Linda , were very visible. They held a press conference, did an interview, went on a boat ride, walked to the hotel and, well, take a look for yourself.

The first story is from March 28, 1990, in which reporter John Larson goes in search of the former Beatle and Wings front man. Following that are the stories from the day of the concert, March 29, 1990.

Fifteen years would pass before McCartney's next visit in 2005 and now, eight years later, he's back, singing for us that soundtrack of so many of our lives.