Joe's Vault: Remembering JP Patches

I am a Patches Pal, and have been for over 45 years. So you know I'm of a certain age. And I join thousands upon thousands of Patches Pals older than I and far, far younger in mourning the death of JP Patches.

He came into our homes (he saw us through the ICU2TV!) on KIRO for 23 years. In the last three decades he continued to delight youngsters and their grandparents throughout the Puget Sound region.

JP visited the KOMO studios in 2008 to celebrate his half century making us laugh. He spoke with Mary Nam about the statue of girlfriend Gertrude and him that was later unveiled in Fremont, showed off a bobblehead, and gently insulted Kathi Goertzen!

We're all a little poorer for losing Chris Wedes and our hearts go out to his family. But we are certainly richer for having had JP Patches with us for so long.

He will live on really because he touched so many people. And when your name is spoken by someone, when stories are told about you, well, it's as close as we can get to immortality.

Long Live Julius Pierpont Patches...