Joe's Vault: Live from the L.A. riots

On the night of April 29, 1992, our good friend and long-time colleague Bob Throndsen received a phone call from the news director.

He asked Bob to go to Los Angeles and Bob asked why. Turns out, Bob had been fishing and knew nothing of the Rodney King beating verdict or the subsequent riots that were happening in Los Angeles.

Bob and photographer Rick Jewett flew south on the morning of April 30 and hit the ground running. In today's Vault presentation you see the fruits of their labors as they documented the mayhem, sadness, camaraderie and hope of those two turbulent days.

It was dangerous at times, yet Bob and Rick worked extremely hard and produced some excellent story-telling with their words and pictures.

Bob retired from KOMO this week. (Check out Eric Johnson's look back at Bob's wonderful career).

It was an honor to work with him and to have the pleasure of joining him in the telling of so many good stories. Have a great time in your next chapter, Robert!


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