Joe's Vault: Do you know this young KOMO 'reporter'?

Hello everyone! I was digging through the Vault recently and found this gem from Sept 5, 1986.

We used to run credits at the end of our 5 p.m. show on Fridays. Photographer Mark Morache visited Coe Elementary in Seattle and put the microphone in the hands of a young man. Our written record says his name is "Jerry," but it sounds like he says his name is Jared. Are you out there Jared?

Does anyone know where Jared is? Or is it spelled "Jarod"?

Jared/Jerry, you must be in your late 30s now, so if you and your friends are seeing this, I hope it brings back fond memories of your school days. If you're like me, you sometimes long for those days when life was really was quite simpler than it becomes when you're grown up and out in the world.

Let us know if you see this, Jared, and tell us what the Jared of 2013 is doing. Or is it Jerry?