It's Time To Buy Your Seeds!

It's time to buy your seeds! If you haven't been seed saving, that is. Now mind you, for those of you who are saving seeds I completely understand how you could become so excited over your tomato crop making sauce and ketchup that you completely forgot to save a few ripe tomatoes for the purpose of saving seeds. Yes, you plopped them right into the boiling water for skin removal without even thinking. It happens. It's okay. More Roma tomato seeds are on my list, too.
But take heart! You're enjoying the thrill of gardening, reaping what you sow and cooking the dickens out of it. For my raw food fans, the concept remains the same. Chopping seeds in your Cuisinart isn't helpful for seed saving so slow downtake a deep breath and think before you throw the switch. :) I'm just sayin'...

Keep in mind when the seed catalogs arrive and you eagerly run to the mailbox (or jogice tends to be slippery) and pull out those gorgeous pages filled with plump ripe fruits and vegetables, a colorful array of flowers and herbs, you want to look for heirloom seeds. Not hybrid, not super-duper-extra-sweet or double the normal growth potential Uh, uh. You want heirloom and preferably organic. Why?

Because once you plant those hybrid seeds, the ones meant to overcome Mother Nature's deficiencies (don't let her hear you say that out loud) and harvest the produce and save your seeds, you'll be sorely disappointed next season. Hybrids and the like aren't natural and when you replant the seeds, your new crop of plants will not reproduce the original fruit if they germinate at all. If you're lucky, you may plant hybrid Better Boys one seasonthrilled with the beasts of bounty they producebut next season? These bad boys may only yield a crop of cherry-like tomatoes. It happens.

So save yourself the heartache and buy heirloom. And remember to buy only what you'll actually eat. Plant seeds according to package instructions and keep moist. Think of them as babies and treat them as such. Next time we'll discuss your sprouts and how best to care for them. Until thenhappy gardening!