It's a bittersweet Super Bowl for local widow

SEATTLE -- Scoring Super Bowl tickets was the dream of a lifetime for Elizabeth Widseth, but this isn't the way she dreamed it would happen.

"This was like Christmas in January when I got those," said Widseth about receiving her tickets in the mail.

But Super Bowl Sunday also marks a somber anniversary for Widseth. Her husband Dennis Yarnell, a huge Seahawk fan, was killed in a car crash one year ago February 2nd.

Widseth and Yarnell rarely missed a game. She was "obsessed" with the Seahawks.

"My sister and I would just scream and yell at the TV and Dennis would laugh at us. Then we kinda got him into it," she said from her Newcastle Shell gas station where she flies the 12th Man flag.

Seahawks are known to fill up at the gas station.

"I try to just them get there gas and leave them be but sometimes you just get a little giddy," Widseth said.

The 12th Man flag also flies at the roadside cross in Auburn where 33-year old Yarnell crashed into a utility pole and died.

"I think it was early on in the season that I realized the Super Bowl was on the anniversary of his death. I told everybody this magical season, it's gonna happen because Dennis is gonna make it happen," Widseths said.

There were days when her grief was so unbearable that Widseth said she didn't want to get out of bed, but she had to for their son and her business. Despite her heartache, when she received an email to renew their season tickets, she didn't give it a second thought.

"If I don't renew these, you've got to be kidding me, he's gonna come back and haunt me," she said.

Widseth said she went to games all season because she loves the Seahawks and her late husband would have wanted her to go.

She didn't want to be haunted by not going to the Super Bowl either, even though it's the anniversary of his death.

"That was our dream," she said. "That's something that was his dream to always be abe able to experience. The timing was weird. I couldn't believe it."

In a way, Yarnell will be with his widow as the Seahawks take on the Broncos. She carries an hourglass necklace of his ashes wherever she goes. And she senses her husband has been rooting from above all season.

"He's like the 12th Man angel," she said.

While she attends the Super Bowl, her 10-year old son will be surrounded by relatives at the roadside cross where he will release a bunch of 12th man balloons in his dad's honor.