Issaquah man facing child molestation charges

ISSAQUAH, Wash. -- A 25-year-old Issaquah man is facing first degree child molestation and indecent exposure charges for allegedly sexually molesting an 11-year-old.

Police arrested Jeremy l. Helfer last Wednesday near his Issaquah home.

Helfer has worked or volunteered with a number of local organizations that put him in contact with juveniles, but police say there is no indication he molested any of those children.

So far he is accused of molesting an 11-year old neighbor. Prosecutors say for several months he used a a game to convince the victim to take his clothes off behind the boy's bedroom door. They say Helfer groomed and molested the boy while telling the victim's parents he was there to help.

"The kid never had a father to be there for him, so Jeremy just took advantage of stepping into that role and took advantage of what he had," said Helfer's roommate, Caleb. "He told me and my roommate, 'This is my nephew.' We didn't question things too much, but we were like, okay."

Caleb said he was enraged when he recently found out that Helfer had a sleepover with the boy in their Issaquah apartment. The boy told police they cuddled naked. Helfer was arrested a short time later.

Despite that, police are continuing to investigate the case and ask anyone with information to call Det. Sgt. Scott Trial or Det. Brian Horn at (425) 837-3200.