Is Will Ferrell buying a bar in Edmonds? Not so fast...

After Will Ferrell was spotted on the sidelines of the weekend's Huskies and Seahawks games, rumors began swirling that he was in town for more than football. But is this a sure-thing, or just speculation?

The "Anchorman" actor made a confirmed stop at Jack Murphy's, an Irish bar in Edmonds, during his visit to the Puget Sound -- and a photo posted to their Facebook page (which was later removed) indicated that the actor would be taking over as the new boss.

Founder Bryan Taylor has previously stated is in the process of changing owners, leading to speculation that Ferrell might be the management.

However, when the owner himself wouldn't admit whether or not it was a hoax, the story began to look more like wishful thinking. Of course, that didn't stop the rumor from spreading, as news outlets across the region began to report that Ferrell was, in fact, buying the bar.

The original reporter, MyEdmonds, has since updated their story to reflect the questionable nature of the claims.

An official comment about the real new owner of Jack Murphy's is expected "later this week" according to Taylor.