Investigation uncovers claims of costly cover-up on 520 project

SEATTLE -- Washington State Department of Transportation sources call it a cover-up - one that could ultimately cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

A KOMO 4 Problem Solver investigation has uncovered evidence of widespread leaks and cracks in pontoons destined for the new $4.6 billion 520 bridge. Our investigation revealed construction flaws in every single one of the first six pontoons built for the new bridge.

"Two separate WSDOT insiders, who asked to remain anonymous, tell us they've never seen this many leaks," said KOMO 4 Problem Solver Tracy Vedder. "And what they called extensive cracking - in brand new pontoons."

State Representative Mike Armstrong, the ranking member of the House Transportation Committee, reviewed our findings.

"We have to make sure that we have it fixed, now, before we start building these other what - probably 30 pontoons," said Armstrong.

Yet until now the Washington Department of Transportation had kept this new evidence under wraps.

"The Problem Solvers obtained thousands of pages of public records, and hours of video inspections inside the first six pontoons built in Aberdeen and floated to Lake Washington," said Vedder. "What we found is far different from what the Washington Department of Transportation - WSDOT- told us just last month."

Watch Tracy Vedder's full investigation, see the video evidence, hear Tracy confront the state and find out how much all of this could be costing taxpayers tonight on KOMO 4 News at 11:00 p.m.