Instagram changes the way we see the world

If you aren't familiar with it, Instagram is an incredibly popular mobile phone app that allows people to take better photos and then share those photos instantly across social networks.

Until this week Instagram was only available for iPhone users.

The first big event was that Instagram released an Android version of the app and within 24 hours more than 1-million users downloaded it.

The second big event may seem less exciting to some, but in my book it is really a huge deal.

Four photos taken using Instagram were featured on the front page of the Metro Section of the Oregonian newspaper.

Oregonian photographer Thomas Boyd snapped an Instagram picture of his Instagram pictures in print.

"My Instagrams on paper," reads his caption.

And that really says it all. Gone are the days of required $2,000 lenses, intense editing and labored production.

Now armed with a mobile phone (iPhone or Android) and the free Instagram app, nearly anyone can take a picture worthy of the front page. Well anyone with a photographer's eye, no app can supplant that.