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Innocent's Success Story

"In Congo, there was a war," Innocent remembered. "My parents died because of the war." He lost his brother and sister as well.

So a year ago, Innocent moved to the United States, settling in Kent with his wife and daughter. Although he was a teacher who taught French and English in Africa, here he needed to update his skills to get a job. His wife was still looking for work as well and this caused him a great deal of concern with a baby to support. "When you don't have money, you are nothing, you have nothing, so you have the headache all the time."

Innocent came to Goodwill to participate in the retail and customer service program to gain additional employment preparation. "I said l let me go on the training to know how I can work."

His skills from Goodwill helped him acquire a position at a hotel that was hiring. "I answered the questions and I passed the interview. He gave me the job. That's how I started to work there."

Now both Innocent and his wife have jobs and are able to support their family. This has made a big difference on his outlook. "From the first time that I went to work, I was really happy."

Every year Goodwill helps individuals like Innocent become work ready. During the last fiscal year, we served over 16,000 with free job training and education programs.