Injured veteran helps boy's dream come true with new bike

SEATTLE -- Jensen Blaine is a cool 6-year-old with an even cooler hairstyle who's endured 13 surgeries on his heart and spine caused by a rare, 1-in-a-million birth defect.

And he's got the surprise of his life, thanks to Ernie Butler.

Butler is a former Air Force pararescueman who was paralyzed after a skydiving accident. He was featured on KOMO News after somebody stole his 2 handcycles.

But when two fellow vets saw our story, they donated more than $4,000 to replace them.

"You know, that's just so tremendous," Butler said. "Quite honestly, I'd rather them buy the bike for a child."

So the Problem Solvers donated the money, and Ernie picked out the bike.

Jensen's mom and dad say every time the family bikes, Jensen was forced to ride in a child seat with dad. When other kids in the neighborhood pop-wheelies and hit jumps, Jensen could only watch.

But now Jensen has his own bike, thanks to Butler and the two vets.

"Awesome, so awesome," Jensen said.

Then he took off after a smile from mom and dad and from Ernie, who made a boy's dream come true.

"That's all thanks you need right there," Butler said.

Jensen's family says he got to ride with all his friends for the very first time this weekend.