'I shouldn't punch a superhero as hard as I can'

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- An 11-year-old boy is going to school Thursday in a soft cast with at least a broken finger after taking up a challenge from self-appointed superhero Phoenix Jones to punch him as hard as he could.

Jones was invited to Bellevue's Jewish Day School Wednesday to talk about bullying, said Jones' spokesman Peter Tangen. But Tangen says kids were asking Jones if they could punch him in the armor.

Denise says her son Noah was given the opportunity.

"They were talking all about superheroes. (Phoenix) got up in front of the kids and was telling them all about his uniform and it's rubberized and armored and bulletproof," Denise told KOMO NewsRadio. "My child gets up in front of him and (Phoenix) says to him, 'OK, give me all you got...give me your best punch, but wait, but don't do it too hard, you might get hurt.' "

But she said there was her son in front of his classmates and a superhero has just challenged him to punch him as hard as he can, "and my kid took all his might and punched him!"

The impact left Noah with a broken finger and he's now in a soft cast with further X-rays pending.

Tangen said there was another adult there at the school that Jones apparently thought was Noah's parent who said it was OK that the kid punch Phoenix, but it turned out it was not Noah's parent.

Noah says he's feeling OK and he wasn't mad at Phoenix, although he was sorry he punched him so hard.

As for any lessons learned?

"I shouldn't punch a superhero as hard as I can," he said.

Denise said she too wasn't angry at Jones, but "the thing I want to get across is I don't think any grown man superhero should ask a kid to punch him."