'I don't have them any more': Thief steals widow's keepsakes

SEATTLE - Members of a West Seattle family are trying to rebuild their lives after they were targeted in a heartbreaking burglary.

A thief stole a widow's most treasured belongings - and an irreplacable link to her deceased husband.

"It took me a while to get over the initial shock and anger of it," says Anna, who doesn't want her last name publicized.

It was bad enough that the burglar broke out her window and stole her son's brand new X-Box on Friday.

But when Anna rushed into her bedroom after the burglary she soon discovered the extent of her losses.

Missing were iPod Nanos which had pictures of her daughter when she was first born and of her husband that she hadn't been able to download - so they're gone, too.

Anna is still waiting to hear if her homeowner's insurance will cover the monetary losses. But the likely thousands of dollars in material losses mean nothing compared to the damage to her heart.

"The wedding ring set - mine and my husband's," says Anna. "That was the keepsake I had from my marriage. My husband died, and I don't have them any more."

Anna had just moved her family to the West Seattle home for a fresh start after her 38-year-old husband died suddenly last year from an undiagnosed heart problem.

"It's just another thing that we have to deal with," she says.

She believes the burglar chose her home randomly - walked right through her backyard gate to commit his crime. But he stole more than just stuff - the crook stole her kids' sense of security.

But thankfully, her memories are still locked away safe in her heart.

Says Anna: "The things they took represent so much goodness - and we still have the goodness, and they can't take that."