Husband's dying wish granted, thanks to KOMO viewers

SEATTLE -- For a couple weeks now, the story of Elsie Smith has been tugging at your hearts. Smith is the 91-year-old woman who had no family, and no money, and was selling everything she owned to grant her husband's dying wish to be buried and not cremated.

KOMO viewers answered with their hearts and we gave her a check to pay for her husband's funeral. But so many of you just kept giving... and giving... and giving -- donations totaled $80,000.

"This has been absolutely amazing," Smith said. "It's just been overwhelmingly exciting."

And so Tuesday, because of your kindness, Smith, who's lived what she describes as "a hard life," was able to do her husband of 46 years right.

"You know, people have been so mean to me all my life and uh, and then being in something like this, it shows me that the right can love me instead of being mean to me," Smith said.

Her husband Joe's funeral was taken care of, and someday Elsie's will be too -- she has arranged for side-by-side plots and paid for her own burial when the time comes.

The state pays for the cremation of a low-income seniors, but it doesn't pay for burials. So Smith and her former caretaker Jessica Weatherby are taking your donations and starting a foundation.

"To help senior citizens and people out there in similar situations to bury their loved ones, so she can share this feeling with others," Weatherby said.

So thanks to your generosity, Smith has kept her promise to the love of her life, she has some control of her remaining time on Earth, and now she'll proudly leave something behind.

Both Smith and Weatherby wanted to express their thanks to everyone who donated to make this day happen.