How to celebrate National Doughnut Day in Seattle

Today is National Doughnut Day -- here's how to celebrate (and, in some cases, even do a bit of charity).

  • Krispy Kreme will give you one free doughnut all day today. Pop by your closest KK to find out what they're giving away.

  • Mighty O is also on the free treat train -- stop by their Tangletown cafe for a free cini-mini. And don't forget, they'll have hot, fresh doughnuts from until 11am.

  • Or, you can use this most hallowed of days to do a bit of good. Stop into any Top Pot Doughnuts today with a nonperishable food item and you'll be entered to win a free dozen a month for a full year!

  • Sun Liquor is getting in on the action, too; to celebrate the holiday, they're offering a Top Pot doughnut burger -- which is, yes, a hamburger served on a doughnut.

Happy National Doughnut Day! Hope it's sweet, circular, and not too full of holes.