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How People Are Finding Buried Treasure

Gold was first discovered in Ballarat in 1851, and the area is still producing nuggets. Last July, an eight-pound gold nugget was found in the region. With big finds like this and the 12-pound nugget, the Ballarat region will probably become a popular gold-hunting area. The 12-pound gold nugget found in January is said to have a gold value of about $300,000, but its collectible value may far exceed its weight in gold. Some say it could sell for as much as half a million dollars.

We have all dreamed of finding a buried treasure or sifting through sediment to find gold. Perhaps metal detecting is prospecting for the new millennium. Metal detecting is a very popular hobby, and it's growing in popularity with both the young and old. You can get started with as little as $100. Pair that small investment with a love of exploring and the great outdoors, and you've got yourself a hobby that will likely pay for itself. There are also metal detecting websites and clubs all over the world where you can meet others, learn tips and techniques, and share your finds. Do your research. Whether you want to find coins, Civil War relics, lost jewelry or even gold nuggets, there is a detector available to help you get started today.

Anyone up for some metal detecting?

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