Hospital becomes fantasy land thanks to viewer donations

TACOMA, Wash. -- Sometimes what seems like a simple wish erupts with an overwhelming response.

Today's fairy tale ends with a woman's wish being our viewers' command.

Because on this day, the halls at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma turned into fantasy land filled with caped crusaders and princesses.

Janay Conner wanted sick children to forget about their cancer and with the help of the Problem Solvers and our viewers, she delivered tutus and capes to dozens of kids who are patients at the hospital.

"I'm gonna cry; so blessed," said Angelica Feliciano.

The idea came to Conner after her nieces Nadine and Casey were both diagnosed with leukemia.

"I said, 'Look, Casey girl, look at the pretty girl in the mirror,' and she said, 'No Nana, I'm not pretty anymore,' " Conner said.

Casey kicked the cancer but one year ago Thursday, Nadine passed away.

Seeing the children dance away reminds Conner of the little angel she lost.

"It's nice but it's hard," she said.

Thursday, she shared a little slice of heaven with the hospital -- one day to play dress up and dream and just be kids.

Conner also received $6,000 from our generous viewers. She now plans to make the donation of tutus and capes an annual event.