Hoquiam raising money to help beloved police dog fight cancer

HOQUIAM, Wash. -- Enno, Hoquiam's police dog, is fighting cancer but there is a chance he can be saved.

For seven years, Sargent Jeff Salstrom has had a faithful partner in the back seat of his patrol car.

"It had been my dream since I was 10 or 11 years old to have a police dog," Salstrom said. "I love dogs."

But Enno has a life-threatening cancerous tumor growing behind his left eye.

"It was devastating news to hear he had a tumor," Salstrom said.

Hoquiam's only four-legged officer is now blind in that eye, and his jaw is too sore to clamp down hard on a criminals arm.

Radiation treatments have reduced the tumor and the painful bulging of his eye, but it's costly.

Hoquiam has set aside $3,000 a year for Enno, but his medical bills for the radiation is $5,000.

The department has used fundraisers and gone to Facebook asking for donations.

"He's worked hard for the citizens and he does it for my praise and a treat here and there," Salstrom said.

Enno has been involved in 57 arrests and found hundreds of pounds of drugs. But there is hope.

If he completes his radiation treatment, a Seattle bio-tech company will fly Salstrom and Enno to San Diego and pay for an experimental treatment that's has showed good results. But they haven't tried it on a tumor like Enno's.

It's a chance Salstrom and Hoquiam is willing to take in the hopes that Enno can return to duty in the back of Salstrom's patrol car.

"We are working to preserve his life," Salstrom said. "But if he can come back and work for a little while that would be great -- I would love it."

If you want to help Enno, you can donate through our Problem Solvers page