Hooray! Countdown for 'Arrested Development' Netflix launch begins

Fans of the short-lived Fox sitcom "Arrested Development" awoke to a pleasant surprise this morning: A premiere date for 15 new episodes, to be aired exclusively on Netflix. The announcement was madevia Facebook.

The new episodes will air on the digital content service on May 26.

On the air for just three seasons, Mitchell Hurwitz's quirky creation was cancelled in 2006 -- but fans continued to discover and fall in love with the show long after it went on the air. Speculation about whether or not any more episodes or possibly a film would be released swirled for years, though nothing was confirmed until August of 2012.

Now, seven years later, almost the entire original cast has rejoined the project, delighting fans with the promise of new episodes that are true to the original storytelling style.

Producer (and uncredited narrator) Ron Howard has been tweeting teasers and images of the cast on-set for months.