Home Tips: Free Organization

If the thought of getting more organized around your house sounds daunting (and expensive), then I have some great tips for you. You can transform things that you already have around the house (probably in the recycling bin) into organizational tools and they're all FREE!

Doggy Bags Holder
We love our dogs, right? What we don't always love is how to store those bags we use for out pet "messes." Here's a simple idea. Repurpose a disinfecting wipes container into a bag holder. Remove the label, rinse the container out, roll together some plastic bags from the grocery store and then tuck them inside. The bags will be easy to grab when you're dog need to "go."

Kid's Creativity Kit
If you're a busy Mom like me, you spend a lot of time ferrying your kids to their activities while your other children are waiting around with you whining the dreaded "I'm bored."

Here's an easy solution. Use a "cloth mopping refill container" and some baby food jars to assemble a Kid's Creativity Kit. You can fit a lot of stuff in the container including activity books, paper, markers, stamps, beads and colored pencils and everything fits neatly inside. No more bored kids!

Dish Soap Dispenser
Many people don't like the way dish soap bottles look-here's option for upgrading your dish soap and making your kitchen sink area look neat and tidy. The next time you finish a bottle of soy sauce, don't throw it away. Rinse it out and fill it up with dish soap. The same plastic piece on top of the bottle that keeps the soy sauce from coming out too quickly will do the same for your liquid soap and it looks much prettier.

Watering Can
It can be tricky watering houseplants. If you do it in the sink, you can get too much water in the pot and the dirt can make a mess. One solution is to transform a small milk jug into a watering can by removing the stickers and drilling small holes in the lid. The plants will get the right amount of water and no more trips back and forth to the sink.

It's not just packaging that can be "upcycled" for organizing.

Paper towel holders are perfect for keeping bracelets organized. Just stack them up and you'll always be able to see what you have available without wasting a lot of space.

Banana holders are great for storing necklaces and for keeping them tangle free.

If you have an old muffin tin that's gotten rusty or is no longer usable, a quick coat of spray paint can transform it into jewelry holder that keeps everything accessible and fits into a drawer. And egg holders can neatly corral earrings.

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What's your favorite "free" organizational tool? Tell us in the comments.