Hit-and-run victim: 'It's a terrible feeling not knowing who hit me'

SEATTLE -- A bicyclist who was left for dead on Seattle's Beacon Hill is recovering from his injuries, but now he wants to know who hit him.

Abde Elshafei used to ride his bike everywhere, every day.

He was riding home from the store at about 10:30 p.m. on March 25 when a car slammed into him on the corner of 13th and Sevens. He was hit so hard his body and bike ended up on opposite sides of the street. .

"The last thing I remember was seeing a flash of light," Elshafei said.

The next thing he remembers is pavement and pain, and then waking up in Harborview's emergency room with a concussion, bleeding on the brain and a fractured pelvis.

"It separated the right side of my pelvis from the rest of the pelvis bone," he said.

Elshafei said the driver who slammed into him took away his freedom.

"I can't get to work, I can't go hiking, I can't take my dog out on a walk, I can't go the store," he said.

The once-active search-and-rescue volunteer can barely squeeze into his kitchen. He had to take off the door of his bedroom to roll the wheelchair in, and the ramp friends built for him is too steep to tackle without help.

"I went from normal 30-year old doing my own thing to having to have someone do everything for me," he said. "I can't even go to the bathroom on my own right now."

Medical bills are mounting, and Elshafei said the person who hit him should be paying. He's uninsured right now and can't return to work for a few more months.

But he said it's about more than money -- he wants peace of mind.

"it's a terrible feeling not knowing who hit me," he said.

His mom and friends have posted flyers on poles and gone door to door asking Beacon Hill neighbors if they know anything about the hit-and-run.

"I just can't believe someone would do that," Elshafei said. "I don't know anybody who would do that. I would never do that to anybody. It's deplorable."

Two witnesses said the person who hit Elshafei was speeding in a light-colored sedan.

Anyone with information about the crash is asked to call Seattle police.