Hit-and-run driver plows through Sammamish 'dream house'

SAMMAMISH, Wash. -- A plywood Band-Aid now covers the15-by-12 foot hole left in a Sammamish home.

A hit-and-run driver plowed his Super Duty Ford pickup truck through the home's front wall and right into Brett Wedewer's and his wife Staci's home office early Saturday morning.

"There was just stuff everywhere, the ground outside was dug up, the trees, part of the bushes came inside, all of these cabinets, there was a big window here, all this stuff, computers, all of this stuff was in here," said Wedewer.

All the built-in shelving and desks were sheered right off the wall and sent airborne into the couple's living room.

"I'm extremely extremely angry, angry that someone could do this and run a way," said Staci Martin, while holding their 18-month old toddler, Nolan. "I'm angry that I know, other people know who did this. It would have to be a very damaged vehicle and other people aren't speaking up."

The impact rattled the couple and Nolan right out bed, it was12:40 a.m. on Saturday morning. An hour prior, Brett was in the office checking tennis scores online.

"If my wife had been sitting at her desk or that had happened an hour earlier, there is no doubt we would have been killed there is no way you're going to survive that," he said.

The impact ruptured the home's gas line, and Wedewer thought the house was going to blow up.

"That gas is leaking out and my family could die and put our neighbors in danger, you're not a good person." said Martin, " I'm scared to be in my house now."

The driver may actually help police find him because he left behind the best clues: the trunk's front grille and other pieces with entire serial numbers, and he's driving a truck with front and back end damage.

"We're really counting on the public to help us identify this vehicle," Sammamish Police Sgt. Tony Garza.

"I hope he gets caught and I hope my wife can get some peace of mind," said Wedewer.

Police believe the driver was likely impaired when he ran a stop sign and plowed into the home. The homeowners and some of their neighbors want a speed bump added to the road. City officials say they can request one, but caution that the city discourages speed bumps because they "slow down emergency crews."

In the recent past, Sgt. Garza said neighbors have complained about speeding in the area, which is near the 3100 block of 220th Avenue SE. The Department says after emphasis patrols in the the area at the resident's request - the department found no unusual activity.