Historic Seattle sites may be home to paranormal activity

Do you believe in ghosts?

In part one of a three part series, KOMO's Brian Calvert introduces us to some of the most "active" spots in town, and some stories they may give you goose bumps.

They're some of the most historic places in Seattle. People have seen things, and they've felt things and heard things that cannot be explained. Welcome to a side of Seattle where some would argue the events of the past are still resonating today. Our first stop is Pioneer Square.

"This is the oldest part of the city," explains Mark Simpson. "The original city of Seattle."

Simpson is co-owner of Spooked in Seattle ghost tours. And his headquarters is down several stairs from the light of day on First Seattle's underground.

You've likely heard the stories.

After the Great Seattle Fire of 1889, city leaders ordered the city rebuilt two stories above the original street level. So, in many Pioneer Square buildings, you can actually walk down and see the storefronts left behind. We're doing just that in this building at 1st and Cherry.

"There was a lot of stuff that went on in here," Simpson tells KOMO.

Watch the video above for the complete story, and be sure to come back Tuesday and Wednesday as we take you to some other haunted areas.

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